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Budget Funerals

When one of our dear ones departs and leaves this world for a better one, it isn't the time to sit with the finances of things to figure out how much a funeral would cost and what its overheads would be? It is humbly suggested that you allow us to help you organise a budget funeral to perfection. Because we are professionals, we can put together budget funerals in Sydney with ease. The professional and compassionate team at Funerals of Compassion puts together budget funerals that suit your requirements.

Being experienced in the business and having been exposed to empathic environments, we address holistic funeral organising for our clients. At Funerals of Compassion, we offer budget funerals in Sydney by providing customers the facilities to hold a full service in their Chapel, no matter how many people they may want to host.

We can put together composite budget funeral packages that suit our clients, without compromising on the quality of the service, unlike other companies that offer cheap funerals in Sydney. This aspect has developed trust in us by our clients for budget funeral services throughout Sydney. Our diligent staff stands by your side to help you host the most suitable budget funeral service that begins and ends in the most dignified matter. All funeral services organised by us are of a benchmarked standard. To us, budget funeral services in Sydney do not mean cheap funerals or substandard funeral services. Our budget funerals in Sydney can be selected with complete confidence. You can be sure that our compassionate staff will take care of everything. All of our budget funerals in Sydney are tailor made to meet the client's specific needs and demands.

Budget Funeral Services Sydney

Through our budget funeral service in Sydney, we extend support and comfort to you to help you cope better with the bereavement of your loved one.

Depending on your needs, a funeral service does not necessarily have to cost a fortune. We can provide a dignified but simple service by minimising cost without losing the value.

We are able to do this because we have the facilities to hold a full service in our Chapel, no matter how many people. By doing a funeral service this way, it will reduce the external costs such as, the use of a crematorium chapel before a committal. We envisage that part of our job is to provide a service to the community.

Budget Funerals


  • No service, no attendance $3,300
  • With service in our chapel $3,900
  • Includes cost of retrieval of the deceased during normal business hours.*

Burials Packages

  • Starting from $4,500
  • Includes cost of retrieval of the deceased during normal business hours.*
  • No cemetary costs
  • No grave cost
  • No opening and closing fees

*After hours, and weekend, retrieval will be subject to an additional cost of $330.

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RSL Funeral Services

A special RSL Funeral Package is already prepared in honour of our Returned Servicemen. We would be most proud to be part of the special service.


Most people are aware that burial plots can be rather costly. However, when you have already purchased a cemetery plot, perhaps a loved one is already buried there from a previous funeral, all that needs to be paid for is the opening/closing fee for the cemetery plus our fees. We have very affordable packages which include everything you will need for a funeral service for a set price.


More and more people are choosing a cremation over a burial. It is certainly the more affordable option and it also allows for more flexibility in the placement of ashes. We are more than happy to discuss these options in more detail and to answer any questions. It is very important that you make a well-informed decision. We are here to help you.

The choice is yours.

Our Cremation Services Start From $3,300. Contact Us for more information.

Funerals of Compassion is always here to help and can assist you at any hour of the day or night.
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At Funerals of Compassion, we extend support and comfort to you and your family.