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When the passing of a close friend or loved one occurs; it can happen all too suddenly. In times of need and despair, there is nothing more valuable than the presence of a supportive community. At Funerals of Compassion, our funeral directors Campbelltown provide extensive support and guidance, which gives you the necessary time and space needed to grieve.


Compassion from the First Meeting

Compassion is our core value and it's incorporated into every process we go through. Each service we provide is backed by the love and support of our valued team, who take you through all important decision making without feeling pressured or overwhelmed. With every aspect of the funeral planning process, you are given the opportunity to outline any guidelines you may desire, along with being given the chance to ask questions on any areas you're unsure about. This enables you to make the right decision for your friends and family, all with the support of constructive input by our experienced funeral directors Campbelltown.


Your Funeral Director

When you first meet us, you will be introduced to one of our friendly funeral directors, who will take you every step of the way during the funeral arrangement process. Your funeral director will undertake several duties during the funeral planning stages, which will involve tasks such as:

  • Transportation of the deceased individual.
  • Preparation and dressing of the deceased.
  • Arranging booking times with each venue, whether it be the church, cemetery or crematorium.
  • Making plans for the floral arrangements.
  • Organizing press notices for the local newspapers.
  • Obtaining death certification and other legal documents.

These services are designed to take the stress out of funeral planning, which allows you to have the time and space needed to grieve during this difficult period.

Your funeral director (should you so wish) will also conduct the final service and ensure that each arrangement completely satisfies the wishes of yourself, family and friends. We guarantee that our funeral services exceed the expectations of every attendee, by delivering an experience that best commemorates the memory of your lost loved one.

Funeral Directors Campbelltown

Parramatta, tradition and longstanding history


At Funerals of Compassion, our funeral directors Campbelltown are experienced in catering towards a variety of faiths. We understand that each religion has a different approach to conducting funeral services, which is why we maintain and uphold the customs associated with every belief. Our services are inclusive to all religions and are backed by an educated support team, who can arrange a funeral that's dignified and respects the traditions associated with each culture.


Proudly Serving Campbelltown


With over 20 years of experience in the funeral industry, we're proud to be serving the Campbelltown community and its residents. Campbelltown is home to many church venues, cemeteries and cremation facilities. This gives you the freedom to arrange a service that's conveniently located for all guests, which helps take the stress out of making the necessary transport arrangements.


24/7 Bereavement Support


In conjunction with planning the funeral arrangements, our team of expert bereavement support members are ready to provide guidance 24 hours a day. The passing of a loved one is a difficult experience and people have different responses to every situation. While some people openly seek the guidance of friends and family, others find it difficult to reach out and get help. Whether you want to talk to someone, or just need quiet company; our experienced bereavement support is here to help in any way possible. If you're experiencing emotional hardship and need assistance, contact our 24 hour phone services and we'll be there for you.

Take the stress out of funeral arrangements and contact one of our funeral directors Campbelltown today on 1300 906 060.

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At Funerals of Compassion, we extend support and comfort to you and your family.