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Greek Funerals in Parramatta

At Funerals of Compassion, we're highly experienced in arranging and hosting Greek funerals in Parramatta.

We can arrange Greek speaking staff to liaise with your family members and in particular, the elderly. We assure you, your funeral service will be carried out with respect to the family and if known, the wishes of the dearly departed.

Call 1300 906 060 for 24 hour support and assistance.


Specialists in Greek Funerals

We're specialists in arranging Orthodox Greek funerals. And we closely follow all relevant traditions and customs.

If you have a special request for your funeral service, our courteous staff will gladly assist you.

In keeping with the Orthodox tradition, our Greek funerals in Parramatta emphasize not only the reality of death - but the new life of the deceased. We focus on delivering a positive service that features prayers, forgiveness and repose of the departed soul.

Other services we provide include assistance with the fortieth day, Makaria (the Mercy Meal), and One Year Mass.


World-Class Mortuary Facilities

In accordance with the Orthodox tradition, we recognise the importance of viewing the body.

Our world-class mortuary staff and facilities are accredited by the NSW health department. From preparation of the body, to embalming and dressing - every step is taken with utmost care and compassion for your loved one.

Do you have sentimental possessions or pieces of clothing to pass on? We'll gladly fit these items to preserve the fondest memory of your loved one.


Burial Facilities

As part of your Greek funerals in Parramatta, we'll gladly assist you with choosing the right coffin or casket.

We have many local and imported coffins or caskets to choose from. Many of our coffins can be designed with custom-imagery like saints, personal pictures of your loved one, or a scenic picture.



Our funeral directors are highly experienced in sending loved ones back to their country of origin.

We take care of all the busy work for you. We understand the specific health requirements for different parts of the world. And we have experience working with airline embassies and consulates. Following the return of your loved one, we perform a follow-up call with the family to confirm their safe arrival.

Rest assured, Funerals of Compassion will make sure your loved one is safely returned to their land of birth.


About Parramatta

Our team of funeral directors are familiar with the many resting places, crematories and places of worship in Parramatta.

We can help you find an ideal resting place filled with beautiful scenery, gardens and notable landmarks. We can also help you choose a suitable venue for the funeral service.

All cemeteries in Parramatta are lovingly preserved for future generations to come.


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To receive caring and compassionate support in your time of need - call us on 1300 906 060 or send your enquiry.

Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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