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If you opt for prepaid funeral plans, you are protecting your family from the distress of making difficult financial decisions at an emotional time. They will be relieved from any financial burden. Moreover, you can ensure that your exact wishes are carried out.

Initially, thinking about purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan can be an uncomfortable thing to do. But pre-planning your funeral is actually a thoughtful and responsible way to show that you care about your family. With Funerals of Compassion, you are in safe hands.

By purchasing a pre paid funeral plan from Funerals of Compassion, not only will you be charged today's prices, but your money will be invested in a secure independent trust for its protection. You may also be able to maximize your pension entitlement. Any money spent on a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is not subject to the income and assets test or the deemed earnings rules.

Prepaid Funerals Firm

Funerals of Compassion provide tailored funeral arrangements that can be relied upon. We are committed to offering you outstanding prices and security with an exceptional value and a unique price match guarantee.

You can take out a funeral plan at any age. We are here to help you every step of the way and can assist you at any hour of the day or night. Simply call us to discuss the type and style of funeral you seek.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

When enjoying a healthy lifestyle, one area of financial planning often overlooked is Pre-planning a funeral. We plan ahead for every other financial possibility to protect our loved ones, such as life insurance, health insurance, plan for retirement and most of us have made a Will.

Better buying decisions

Pre-planning a funeral is as easy and practical as any other financial arrangement. It protects your loved ones financially but more importantly, it eases the emotional burden of having to make choices which may be influenced by those emotions, rather than their financial means. Therefore, better planning means better buying decisions..

Pre-planning provides you with the reassurance of knowing that your funeral needs are met as you would like them and within your budget without any feelings of guilt from your loved ones.

Saving with a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

A pre-paid funeral plan is a detailed arrangement which details the funeral service of your choice and you pay for it at today's prices. So you benefit from not only the financial saving in being protected against inflation but also the peace of mind in knowing that all the funeral arrangements will conducted in accordance with your wishes.

Some details that you will need to consider when pre-planning a funeral are;

  • the type and style of funeral
  • burial or cremation
  • which cemetery or crematorium
  • the type and style of coffin or casket
  • press notices, which newspapers, mourning vehicles and flowers
  • special features in the service, such as a DVD presentation
  • the wishes of your family and friends
  • how much you'd like to spend

How we can serve you

Simply call us to discuss the type and style of funeral you seek. We will then either mail you information or meet with you face to face for an 'enquiry' meeting with a prepared exact estimate from us. Then we leave to you think about it and call us when you are ready to make the 'sign up' appointment. This is when we bring the contract for both of us to sign and when you provide the cheque for payment. Collection of payment will only be expected at the 'sign up' meeting. Once the contract is signed and the funeral is paid in full, the Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is 'frozen' in price and is not subject to price increases.

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Funerals of Compassion is always here to help and can assist you at any hour of the day or night.
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At Funerals of Compassion, we extend support and comfort to you and your family.